My Dark Rose

This is the best book I have read this year. I hope someone else takes up the story and these character for follow ups.

Elemental Marriage

There are just a few translation words that are off when reading the Hebrew but all & all very good book still learning a whole lot

The Promiscuous Woman: Modern Attitudes about Love and Sex

This was a gift for our grandaughter. She was extremely pleased with it. It is a great book by a great author.

Learning to slow down and pay attention: A book for kids about ADD

A very good book, trimmed down to a more readily digestible read compared to Matter. A little disjointed until the divergent stories start coming together.

The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein

Great book can't wait until the other one comes out and it was a good story with lots of love for families

Between the Sea and Home

It's a good book with plenty of suspects. Even the innocent look guilty. There are secrets that are uncovered. There could be romance for Saucy, too.

Music Education for the Deaf

Beautiful book with a wealth of juicy, behind-the-scenes detail. I especially recommend this volume if you are interested in creating Mal or Zoe costumes. It practically has a how-to guide on Mal's gun, as well as info on his holster and coat, and Zoe's gun, holster, and vest. Lots of detailed pictures of props (money, weapons, badges, licenses) as well.

Abraham Lincoln and the Union

I thought this was a great book..I usually don't like love triangles, but this one turned out how I wanted!..what I don't why they were so secretive of who she was all those she is mad she knows the truth. I love Alec..he is irresistible. I can't wait for the next one..

Ion Transport in Heart

this is a good book to read about one of ra's chosen who is yep you guessed it, getting a mate. he does fumble along the way but finally gets it right.

Fred and the Mysterious Letter (Formac First Novels)

I got this for the holidays upcoming to look over with the kids who will be visiting and I believe they will love it. The content is goo, the pictures are cute and the sayings eill make them think. Nice book for children!

The Mom Factor: What Really Drives Where We Shop, Eat, and Play

Realistic characters, involved writing. When I dream about the stories, it's a great book! Can't wait for the next one, You won't be disappointed!

Lonely Planet Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands (Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit)

A great book to read & pass the time. It makes you think about what truly matters. Acceptance of others or just those that matter.

51VA - Muller Rusch String Method - Book 1 - Viola

A fun read for any age. A good book for any book club. A feel good novel with important life lessons.

Black Southerners, 1619-1869 (New Perspectives on the South)

Could not put it down. The trials and tribulations of a courageous young woman's fight for happiness. Best book I've read in a while.

Justice or Tyranny?: A Critique of John Rawls's a Theory of Justice (National university publications)

Omg I love the story it is so mysterious probably the best book ever it is awesome an epic adventure

Genetic Variation and Disorders in Peoples of African Origin (Johns Hopkins Series in Contemporary Medicine and Public Health)

One of my favorite books. The characters were lush and so completely interesting. Usually love her books but I loved this one.

Ultimate Guitar Chord User's Guide

Wow it's deff a must read series the best books ever totally loved it it's nothing like you've read before

The Passionate Art of Kitagawa Utamaro (2 Volume Set)

A timeless classic that brings back childhood memories. I love this story. The story is different that the version I was told, but in all it was just a wonderful book

The Goober Crystal (Land Of Nubbins) (Volume 1)

Another great book by the only guru I know of at the moment...great job, by everybody. Takes more than one person to put out this type of quality, Its well worth over times if you want to learn anything about Internet/Networking/PC's or electronic nodes...

Analytic Functions (Princeton Legacy Library)

I knew very little about Catherine, only what I have learned in history class in school. This is a wonderful book. It gives a close look into the life of a Queen and the powers that be. Catherine had very interesting life. It was also very interesting how everyone lived back in her time and the ins and outs of the Royals.

Transition Mathematics Teaching Aid Masters (University of Chicago School Mathematics Project)

Had to read this for class. It's a really good book. Really heavy though. And there is some really strong language and graphic scenes.

DCH MS LIT 1995-97: HLMS95 TH ANTH 2 HC G-7 FRIENDS 1995 (Heath Middle Level Literature)

To easy....if you lived in the hood in the 70s thru 90s, the is a very good book. You should be able to understand whats going on at all times. Checking every day for part three. Whats taking Cs$h so long ?

Rolling Harvey Down the Hill

This was a great book for a good read on the beach. Good plot and characters and easy to read dialogue.

Gesteine Fur Architektur Und Skulptur (German Edition)

Good book. it is a little hard to understand but still has a lot of good points. Good for any marriage.

Proteins (Rookie Read-About Health)

I bought this for my husband and he thinks it is a great book! Lots of information for him to brew his own beer.

Understanding the Crisis in the Persian Gulf (Our Changing World)

Great books. A little intense at times. Not for the prude minded. I enjoyed the Risque read. Would totally recommend.

Circuits Devices & Systems 5ed - Chap 6

This was a very good book, the best by far, very detail. Characters is very funny they had a love only some use dream about, I gave it a five star because it was hard to put down, the story line kept you interested until the very end.

Janice VanCleave's 203 Icy, Freezing, Frosty, Cool, and Wild Experiments

Thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was a great story, but also full of some history of which I was not aware. Just a great book!

Self-Regulation in Health Behavior

Great books. They are well written and the characters are amazing- very easy to get attached to. These are much cheaper if you wait and purchase the omnibus editions btw (not that they're expensive either way).

My World of Science: Opaque and Transparent (Young Explorer: My World of Science)

Good book it had me hooked once I realized how crazy Roxxi was starting to become. I can't wait for part2 it will have some good plots going on in it considering the ending & from the preview of part2.

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