Altertumer Von Pergamon Bd1 Stadt Und Landschaften (German Edition)

a great book into American history. best boo I have read in a long time referring to our history in America! Sent in very good cond> Thank you

La Boheme Galante, (Ed.1861) (Litterature) (French Edition)

I devoured this whole series in less than a week and can't wait for the next one!! This was a great book!

Viva Chocolate (Cook West)

A good book, lists the runes and describes them in great detail. Has helped me alot since I'm new to the runes.

Veritas, New Testament, Greece, And Rome Cards

It's the last book of an icon! My husband has been very frugal about finishing it too soon! Most definitely making his enjoyment of a good book last.

Crossing Division Street: An Oral History of the African-American Community in Orlando

This is a must read for anyone that works in health care. Being a RN it has made a tremendous impact on me and my practice. It was very easy to read and I read it in two days and I am rereading it now. Great book on modern day nursing and is a instant classic.

Fantasy Football Playing for Blood 1997

This is a great book on minimalism for those who are interested, looking for some inspiration, or want some practical steps. It is short and sweet. It is serious without being ridiculous. It is simple and easy to follow, the hardest part is letting go. Becker ends with a short story that should be reason enough to start enjoying life now.

Rocking Horse Manufacture

hey, if you like winne-the-pooh, this is a nice book for a nice price. the stories are perfect for really all ages and my kids love hearing me read it to them. winne-the-pooh stories will give you many warm, wonderful feelings for years to come. definitely worth the purchase!

The Garbage Dump Murders

Wonderful book usually don't read Harlequin books to short and as much as I read very expensive.Now with my kindle I get to read them. Thank you. Will read more

True Horror Stories (True Stories)

When I started the 13 treasures I couldn't stop but when I finished I needed to continue the excitement so I got the 13 curses and it was the best book yet and know I'm going to read the 13 secrets so I encourage you to read this

The Logic of Philosophy and the Doctrine of Categories

This is a feel good book. Karen always pleases this reader. A quick read and perfect for the holiday season.

4D Electron Microscopy: Imaging in Space and Time

A wonderful book of growth and learning about yourself. Sex, rock and roll and love all rolled into one. Awesome

Express: Maximum Flavour for Minimum Effect

Overall this is a great book. my only complaint is that some of the photos are not of a high enough quality. But really its only a few out of the 1000.

Footprints Carved on the Rock

One of the best reads in a while for me. Kept me on my toes, I do wish there would have been a little more closure on the Jake situation but all around, a great book.


A nice book filled with good photos and reading material. I really enjoyed reading of the nesting habits of the hummers and other details I never knew. Is a good book, eventhough it was only 25 pages.

Le Faux Témoin: Un examen des doctrines des Témoins de Jéhovah (French Edition)

This is a great book. Page turner for sure. A must read. Just when you think it's about to end.... watch out!

0/6 (Zero/Six) Vol. 4 (v. 4)

Another great storyline, but too racy for me. I was disappointed. You don't need it to write a good book.


Can really relate to main character. Well done, good description. Enjoying reading it. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good book.

Of Captain Mission

A good book that helps give insights to what we can expect in the future. It helps keep you focused on your real purpose in life for eternity.

The Far-away Hearts Club

Great book love the story I can't wait to read part two ilove reading about love it makes me lose my self for a moment.

Voices of Resistance: Muslim Women on War, Faith and Sexuality

This was a really wonderful book. I really enjoy the way it all came together. I didn't know who the murderer was until the reveal at the end.

Visual Basic 4 for Windows for Dummies

This is one of the best books I've read this year. It's beautifully written, sweet, and heartbreaking. A must read.

WABI Weekly Music Charts: 1978 - 1984

liberys crus: very gay book that does nuthin and totally is the same thing from the events in also is confusing since it says that mar sara was also incinerated...shadow of the xel'naga: very good book that excites the reader with a sc point of view, however, it does not give the action from a soldiers point of view, thus making it lack in action.speed of dark: really really good!

The Book of Psalms: (Large Print)

Somewhat teenish, and it might not appeal to general fantasy fans. I still thought it was a lot better than many fantasies though! There are not many good books about werewolves out there, but this is well worth it if you do not mind romantic immersion.

A Failure of Coalition Leadership: The Falaise-Argentan Gap (World War II)

Great book. Couldn't stop after 1 had to go for the entire enchilada!

Terrific Comics #6: Golden Age Adventure Comics 1944

If you want to know more about the colonization of Africa and how this stopped Africa developing then this is a good book. Unfortunately because it was written many years ago it really doesn't get into much about what has happened in Africa since colonization has ended.

The Plot Fantastic: How to Write a Fantasy Novel (The Plot Chronicles) (Volume 3)

It's been raining here in Houston oft the last couple of daysI like nothing better than having a Good book a read with my golden at my feetThis was definitely a good book

Tarabas, der Zauberschüler (German Edition)

Love this series, great story, great characters, awesome romance. Sweet, and a lot of action!! Good books!! Highly recommend, totally worth reading, over and over and over!!!!!

The Young African American Survival Guide

A great read to first get you started and then to keep you on the road to weight loss.A good book to get you started in the right direction for weight loss whether you have 10 pounds or 100 pounds or more to lose.We don't have to stay fat! We can do something about it!

The New York Subway Hero: My Battle with Eviland a Spree-Killer!!

Joe can write !One of the best books I have read in years ! Will definitely be reading more of Joe hill

Good Things to Eat, as Suggested by Rufus

This is a wonderful book about a girl who is accepted into a collage where they have some... special rules.

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