Language Myths

I purchased the 2013 paper version of this devotional and loved it even though there were days I did not read. I was so happy to see the 2014 version available for download so I could have it with me on my iPad and my iPhone.Even if you are like me and don't read it every day it is a great book to have to go back and read the devotions from previous days.

What We See: WITH The New Handy College Dictionary AND Rogets Thesaurus: An Introduction to Visual Rhetoric

Superb.It is so powerful that I recommend it to everyone and going to buy it. I read it from coralville public library-Iowa.I almost wrote the last chapter and going to mail it to all my friends Thank you so much for such a good book which is not at all drab.

Outliers: The Story of Success

The story was intriguing from the beginning. Great character development and lots of surprises. Drags a bit toward the end,but would be a great book for introduction to analysis for freshman in high school.

Reisedolmetscher Spanisch - Guias de Conversacion (Spanish Edition)

One of the best books ever written about naval aviation and a career. One that is laced with good humour and witts. I've read many and this is undoubtedly the best there is.

Symposium on Scale Effects in Modelling Hydraulic Structures (Esslingen am Neckar, Germany, September 3-6, 1984)

Such a good book, I can not say enough good things about it. I read almost the whole entire book in one day. It was a very touching story, and one I will recommend to everyone. Great book!

Protobe (German Edition)

this is a good book for those recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance. It has lots of information about what it is and how to combat the disease. It, however, is a very technical book and not easy to read.

Lausanne Lavaux: HAL.WK..40

It is a very great book wealthy of valuable concepts that are practical , still more examples' clarification is needed especially with the last chapter

Die Bau- und Kunstdenkmaler von Berlin (Die Bauwerke und Kunstdenkmaler von Berlin) (German Edition)

Very good book to read. I really enjoyed it.

Sir Quixote of the Moors

It's not a short book but it is a good book to read on the basics of money. You will have fun reading it while learning quite a lot.

Drive I-95: Exit by Exit Info, Maps, History and Trivia 5th Edition

I bought this as a gift for my grandson and he absolutely loves it!! He is a beginning reader and trying to find books he wants to read have been a challenge. This is one of the few I have found so far that he will read without any prompting. In fact he wants to read it to us. Wonderful book and a nice change from the usual sappy early readers.

The Daily Telegraph Night Sky: Stars of the Northern Hemisphere (Red Cover)

A good book. I would give it 5 stars, but it is pretty wordy and has some advanced stuff that my little one doesn't get. He just like the alphabet and the simple sentence that goes with the ABC parts. The sidebar stuff is for an older kid.

Tackling Crime Together: The Liberal Democrat Manifesto for Safer Neighbourhoods

Read this before you watch the movie if you can. It is a great book to read, to me it's kind of a modern (back then) twist on Romeo & Juliet.

Life Lessons from a Garden

This was a wonderful booklet. I bought it for my grandchildren to read so they'll be come interested and knowledgeable about the Mayflower times.

KJV Sword Study Bible/Giant Print-Black/Tan Ultrasoft

I've had several programming courses and I like the approach the author takes using games to highlight the skills he is teaching. Well written and easy to follow. This really is a good book for someone new to PowerShell but understands basic programming.

Jungle Book (Timeless Classics) IWB (Easy-To-Use Interactive Smart Board Lessons (Timeless Classi) (Easy-to-Use Interactive Smart Board Lessons: Timeless Classics)

Great book with some excellent recipes; bought it for my wife; she loves it.It is a good book for you kitchen library.


This is a wonderful book. One of the best I have read. You will love it..such realistic characters. great story.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Clinical Workbook, Second Edition

Wow! that's what a call a detailed recipe! I love it. Fully illustrated, step by step explanations. You cannot really make this dish in a wrong way with such a great book!

Drawing with Pencils (How to Paint and Draw)

Good book. I guess I was expecting more about the dog so I was a little disappointed, but all in all it was a good book

Hot Springs: Past and Present

This was truly one of his best books. It was thrilling and exciting. Oh that it would be so easy in picking the correct numbers.

Alaska Inspired Art Vol 1: Adult Coloring book (Inspired Art Coloring Books) (Volume 1)

This was a waste of time. I thought I would get good tips about how to find good books. Not.

the diamonds of good amidst all the shit

Great book, lots of great ideas. Fairly old but still gets the point across on bread making. Now just to not eat so much of it.

Aurifontina Chymica (The R.A.M.S. Library of Alchemy) (Volume 35)

I would venture to say that this is quite possibly the best book I have read in years.

j'aime animaux Français - arménien (French Edition)

this is a great book on my kindle. It is a saga/ trilogy. I like that I was given the option to add the next book at the end.

Saved: The day I fell, was the day I was Saved

Purchased for my wife because she is a fan of the show. I'm told it was a good book and fun for any fan of the show. Next i'll buy her a stud finder and have her search the house!


This is a great book and i have reread lots. The next book Lindsey's Wolves was good but this one was super good. Love this author and am looking forward to the contiuation of this series.

My Strangest Case

This is a good book but it did take a while to get into it. It is a good casual read.

Hello from the Gillespies

This was a good book, but was really only worth the 1.99 I paid for it. Anything more and it wouldn't have been worth it.

Kitty Illustrations

This is a great book that covers the essentials of retiring in Thailand. A real shame none of the links to websites or videos work (at least on my Kindle), and the author's website does not contain the links, either. So, to make it work, the links need to be found *somewhere* so I'm hoping that fix will be done soon.

Pleasured (Secrets of the Loch)

Very good book, and it had great advice. Would recommend for any christisn single or one who has just started a new relationship.

The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution

This is a great book. Large print makes for easy reading, work sheets for easy learning.

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