Surf IT (ICT for Life)

This was a great book and the writing in it was beautifully done. I liked to story and the characters. The only reason it doesn't get five stars from me is because the ending just left me hanging there. It wasn't an ending, it just ended.

Activating God's Power in Lois: Overcome and be transformed by accessing God's power.

This is the best book ever,I wish I had a boyfriend like that...without the cheating though(God knows I've been there and never going back)...can't wait for the next one.;p

Chinese Trademark Law: The New Chinese Trademark Law of 2014 (International Legal Practice)

i couldn't get enough of these short stories. when I was done i felt like i needed more .i was kinda sad that i couldn't read more . great book

Adventure in Van Dieman's Land

What a great book about friendship and overcoming. It's definitely a happily ever after but it shows the best way to get there by being friends and being there. There was a definite sadness in this story and there was also joy. Great story.

Morgan Valley (Center Point Western Complete (Large Print))

This is a great book. I could not put it down. As a mother, I was moved by Barbara's need to leave something for her girls. The characters are very complicated and the author gives great insight to each of them.

Snocross (Torque Books: Action Sports)

Good book for teens to read if they have an eating disorder or knows some with one. Anderson as always has the voice of the narrator just right.

I Love Life - Piano Vocal Score

Fantastic book, I really liked it. Great continuation of the last book. Fantastic love story. Great characters, ALL of them! Great ed ending to all the characters! I couldn't put it down! Fantastic author

Ultrathin Reference Bible

Great book. I love reading books with the beach as the setting. I learned about sea turtles in this novel which was the added bonus.

Evidence-Based to Value-Based Medicine:

What a wonderful book for any small child who might need to interact with a cute small dog. Love the analogies - what we are both like; how we are different. Really cute and brought a smile to my face. Good introduction also - letting the reader know that we all need to know how to interact properly with dogs, especially small ones like Dozer. 5 stars for CUTE

Savannah, Charleston, and the Golden Isles

good book just to pass the time away--guys, take it to the bathroom.......when I have a few minutes I can check out my memory.

Great Ways to Make Money

This is such a great book, can not wait to read the next one. Definitely take a chance with this author, she is great!

Cite Mate

This was yet another wonderful book by Sparks. I have enjoyed all of his works but this one had a different, and less tragic twist than the others. A great winter read for those looking for a heartwarming novel about how long love can last and under stressful circumstances love can triumph all.

Mustang: Americas Legend

this was a really great book and im picky on what books i read but i read this and i was hooked even from the first book all the problems ivy faces and her love her deturmanation and passin for collen your hook from page one

Verbal Advantage, Volume 6

Best book I have read this year (2006). I am in grad school for a political science, and this was a requirement for a foreign policy course (read it, or re-read it to see why). The relationship within the family, and with the other families is excellent. With about five other books being read this one took only two weekends (20hrs of 'I can't put it down' reading).

The Art Of Project Procurement

Good book

Unhinged Celebrity: 10 Ghastly Tales

Easy read..entertaining without violence, obscene language or sex.Lovely love story. Good book to read before falling asleep. Look forward to reading more of her books.

Pride and Prejudice

very good book lot of fun for the dog it breaks up all the training and make things more fun

10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: 50 New Beauty Blast Recipes To A Sexy New You Now (The Blokehead Success Series)

One of the best books I've read lately. He wouldn't let her ride the motorcycle, which while she didn't see it, meant how much he cared for her, why she couldn't get that I'll never know. That was the only scratching my head moment. Issues and rules she thought she wanted to live by overcome, I really enjoyed it.

Montana Mail Order Brides - Books 4 - 6: A Clean Historical Mail Order Bride Collection

Great book. very short but to the point. an interesting idea of handling a naughty kid. I will try it.My kid enjoyed it too. pretty illustrations. all in all enjoyable.

Johann Valentin Andreae's Christianopolis: An Ideal State of the Seventeenth Century

Great book that will give you some enthusiasm and encouragement with practical advice. Quick easy read. Now get on the energy bus!

Coldplay for Classical Piano: The Phillip Keveren Series

Great book, great service, five stars all the way around!!! I really don't want to put it down. Definitely worth reading over and over again!

Classroom Connections, Grade 1

It was ok. I read it just to get a man's perspective and it was informative. Good book, fast read too.

West of the Moon

Good book ,very fast read .I finished it in less than one day.I will read more of Brookes books,thanks Brooke

Small Voices Silenced: The Secret Society of Sacrificed Children

Not the author's best book ever but a good book still. The beginning was great, middle was slow and end was good. Worth reading.

The Village Shaman's Lover

This is a great book for everyone and should be in the home of anyone who interacts with kids. I am always reading it again to remind myself of all the great tips in it.

Blazing Courage (Animal Rescues)

Nice book, basic reading for understanding the wrong ways Government uses to take away what is ours. Very nice and recommended!

Welcome to the Feast: In Celebration of Wholeness

I am not usually a huge fan of romance. This, however, was very well written. The story line kept me engaged. Wonderful books

Hernando Cortez And The Greatest Adventure In History

Very good book that explains why we did what we did to the Japanese in this country during WWII.

A Book of Scotish Pasquils. 1568-1715

This is the 3rd in the series. The first, Consequences was the best and got me hooked. Convicted ends the series and like most third books in the trilogy, leaves the reader a bit let down, but don't let that discourage you. It is still a good book and one I would recommend....just make sure you read the other two as well.

The Lawn Won't Mow Itself: A Pocket Guide to Self-Publishing and Book Marketing

Awesome- another great book!! I'm hook on this series. This was a wonderful addition and should not be overlooked as not necessary. Many new insights were revealed.

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