Continuous Improvement in Action: Eight Original In-Depth Case Studies

I didn't really learn as much as I thought I would, but it's a good book just the same. If you are just starting out and want to investigate coconut, this is a good place to begin.

Earthmoving and Heavy Equipment: Proceedings of the Conference Sponsored by the Committee on Construction Equipment and Techniques of the Constructi

A great book that keeps you wanting to read more to see what will happen next. Can't wait to read the next book to see where the rest of the of the family ends up.

Senior Actuary(Passbooks) (Passbooks for Career Opportunities)

If you loved the first and second book, you'll like this one too because it's practically the same. Still a good book, they don't get horrible until like the 7th and 7th books.Be warned... They are a bit x-rated at times. I don't appreciate all the cursing and raunchiness.

El-Hi Textbooks & Serials in Print

I did not know what to expect, so was pleasantly surprised with this beautiful book. It has easy to follow directions and the pictures are just lovely. My daughter loved the pictures as well. And wanted to know why people didn't still make such beautiful things.

10 Sunday Schools That Dared to Change

We've been reading this to our little guy since he was three months old, if even that, and he was glued to it from the start, easily his favorite book, still, at nearly 13 months. Great color, great rhythm, and lots of fun bugs! :)

The Story of Marilyn Manson

This is a great book. So many twist and turns that keep the reader on their toes. You never really know what is going on until the end. I can't wait for the next book!

Womanspirit: Reclaiming the Deep Feminine in Our Human Spirituality

Good book! A little short for but thats me great story lie, just wish it would've gone a bit further . Thats the mane reason i just gave it a four ! Still think its worth the time to read!

Projections Onto Translation-invariant Subspaces of Lp G (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society)

I read this as the follow up to Sideways. It, too was a great book, but more serious. I will purchase the third if there is one, I have a need to know what happens in Europe.

Diocesan Archives (1941) (CUA Studies in Canon Law)

Usually sticking to biographies, science, and political subject matters I let it rest and picked up this fun, tasty, ribald tale. I won't add comment of what it is about. Others have said enough. Suffice to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I hate it when a good book is over.

The Spiritual 'Intrapreneur': Awakening the Power and the Potential Within You

This was a good book. It was a light read as well had romance, some sexy themes and mystery (a stalker).!!!

Fluid Flow Phenomena - A Numerical Toolkit (FLUID MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS Volume 55)

This was a fairly good book but a little too far fetched for my taste. Probably would not recommend to anyone

Everyday Science Explained

well written easy to follow - designs are beautiful. Similar to other Baltimore album blocks I have seen. good book for library

The Gift: An Original Short Story

very good book. i love these books they are great. i am reading one a day. i love the surprise ending.

The Practice of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice (Practice of Research in Criminology & Criminal Justice)

Fantastic book! Intriguing and well developed characters that you instantly like. I didn't want to put it down.The heroine, Ivey, especially has a complex spirit, and I really like that Ammeter has made herintellectually robust while still acknowledging her all too human fallibility.Loved it -- can't wait to see what happens next in this spectacularly imaginative world!


Good book for lil girls... Bout this for my 5 year old she loved it!!!! It's cute & fun to read

Valuing the Field: Child Welfare in an International Context (CEDR (Centre for Evaluative Development Research))

good book. Amazon keeps asking for a review, but then wants to tell me how many words i should use to review it.

Dead Innocent

This was a great book! It was not what I expected in a good way. The only reason it did recieve 5 stars from me was because Travis seemed to be a little too much sometimes.

The War in the Pacific (World Wars)

fascinating, read it in one weekend, could hardly put it down. What a story of love, family ties,forgiveness. Written so beautifully that you feel you are part of the story; heartfelt, brought tears to my eyes on my occasions. Thank you for a wonderful book !!

Jade Tiger

Very good book to study for the ACT. Very pleased with the condition and speed it arrived.

Dispersion of Releases of Hazardous Materials in the Vicinity of Buildings: Phase 2 - CFD Modelling (Research Report)

Great book

Abraham Robinson

It appears the reviews are right. Great book.

Babies, Babies, Babies

Good book. I went through it pretty quickly since it is not a long book. (light m/m romance). Book kept my interest until the end. I would love to see more stories about this alpha pack.A bit expensive though for under 100 pages.

An Historical Dictionary of German Figurative Usage

This is a good story to read, relax & enjoy. The story made me laugh. The characters are great, especially the best friend. This is a good book about finding yourself and coming out better for the heartache.

How We Decide

I don't read a lot of mysteries but this was a fantastic book! Well written characters, plot and overall very well done. Can't wait to start #2!!

Farmhouse Cooking

These are really good books. I'm thinking better than 50 shades! The story line is great, temperature level....HOT! I personally am not into having to buy multiply books to get the whole story. That is the only reason it's not got 5 stars. This was recommended to me by one of my favorite authors, so I tried it, and I loved it. Great writing. Wonderful book. Will try this author again....

Early foundations for Japan's 20th century economic emergence: A short commercial history of Japan

A wonderful book for the beginner. Held my attention quite well. Very informative, lots more information than I had anticipated.

Madison (Wisconsin) (EasyFinder)

A little long a few errors but it was all in all a great book!!!! Love the characters and I loved the way maysie finds herself and starts fighting back for what she wants and deserves!!! Well done to the author.

The Twelve-Note Music of Anton Webern: Old Forms in a New Language (Music in the Twentieth Century)

Interesting story line. keeing my interest but dragging a little. guess it could happen in real life but maybe a little far fetched. not the best book i've ever read but still interesting. i would recommend it to friends.

Ancient Mexico & Central America: Archaeology and Culture History

This was a good book I couldn't put it down it was a strong heartwarming novel I only wish it was a little longer

Neighborhood Friends (Maya & Miguel)

I will always enjoy a good read a great for everyone concerned to a place to enjoy and read a great book

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